„I like big lots but i still can’t park…“

The hunt for the ultimate parking space will never be more fun than with Parking World. Create your parking garage and carefully manage its operations and staff, overcome dynamic events, use the latest technology, and get ready to discover what perfect parking really looks like.

Parking World is a sandbox parking garage simulator giving you full reigns in crafting the perfect parking spot business. From festival lined grass and mud lots to VIP valet parking and the hustle and bustle of a multistoried airport parking garage, the quest for the ideal space is detailed and varied.

Ultimate creativity

The road to perfection is filled with excellent parking spots. Build up your lots and bays to the greatest of details, from floor markings to the curve of entry and exit ramps. Take advantage of advanced tech, such as electric charging stations, automatic barriers, and parking sensors. In Parking World, every detail will matter when design your parking business.

Details matter

Constructing your parking lot is only the beginning. Management and maintenance are key for any successful enterprise, from hiring the right staff to ensuring rowdy visitors are kept in check. Invest in the latest surveillance technology or run a tight ship for additional profits. Ensure a high standard to attract even more customers.

Rich Simulation

Advanced AI systems underpin each customer’s behavior, allowing them to act just as real (and unpredictable) as everyday people. Forgotten payments, wrongly parked cars, breakdowns, and accidents in front of barriers, Parking World is infused with life’s details.

Dynamic world

From peak times to weather changes thanks to the seasons, from city festivals to sudden blizzards, Parking World features a whole gamut of fully dynamic events. With Christmas around the corner, increased vehicle numbers might cause traffic jams, and the filming of an action movie will lock down several levels of your garage. How you deal with these challenges means the difference between a tidy profit or closing down for good.

Take control

Parking World gives you the ultimate overview and control, from heatmaps to all-encompassing construction tools. Wherever refilling vending machines, checking air circulation, patching asphalt, or watering green spaces, delegate the task to hired staff or do it yourself.


Stop looking and start planning; the perfect parking spot is just within reach. Wishlist Parking World now!