„I like big lots but i still can’t park…“

Build, manage, and expand your own lucrative parking enterprise in this cozy management sim. Parking World puts the power to build your perfect parking garage at your fingertips while solving everybody else’s parking problems in seven unique narrative scenarios.

Finally, you are in charge, conquering the toils of car travel – create your perfect parking garage and carefully manage its operation and staff, overcome dynamic events, and get ready to solve everybody else’s parking problems in this sandbox economy simulator for automotive enthusiasts. But fear not eager entrepreneur, if you outgrow the sandbox, the world of parking has problems to solve a-plenty in stock!

Build your lot

Parking World is a slow-paced economy sim that gives you full control over a complex building editor so you can create the perfect parking garage. From humble beginnings building your first lot with temporary foundations and barrier tape up to your magnum opus multistory monster car park – everything is possible. Is your favorite pastime to police how other people are leaving their car behind? Are you annoyed by parking offenders and small, cramped parking spaces? Then take control in Parking World and show them how it’s done! 

Park & Manage 

Make it your business to police the way people leave their car behind when they have more fun stuff to do! Hire workers to do chores, please visitors by adding decorations, set up vending machines and keep the taxman at bay by adjusting prices to supply and demand – but be careful not to be too greedy as it will affect your rating. For of the charts reviews that will make people flock to your block you will have to work hard and keep up appearances, manage threats and keep your lot clean. 

Intriguing Scenarios 

From festival-lined lawns to the hustle and bustle of a multistory airport parking garage, the quest for the ideal car park is detailed and varied. To raise your asphalt empire, you first need to build trust with all the colorful clients the city has to offer – from officials to entrepreneurs. Help four different quest-givers to fulfill their ambitious automotive shelving needs in seven unique scenarios to be crowned the king of Parking World

Experience Parking Worlds Highlights! 

  • Dynamic weather and time system 
  • Advanced AI NPC & vehicle Behaviors 
  • Social Rating System 
  • Water & Electricity Management 
  • Challenging Events 
  • 7 Narrative Scenarios 
  • Photo Mode 


Stop looking and start planning; the perfect parking spot is just within reach. Wishlist Parking World now!

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